Reviews for "Still Alive ( Cover )"


Aww man i was totally gonna do a cover...ah well. Unoriginal though all the way. Pretty decent vocals for the range it's meant for if i'm honest. Nice harmony on "But theres no sense crying..." So psyched for Portal2!

Pretty damn good

You managed to get the music down pretty awesome, but as the original was performed by an operatic soprano, I think it's almost impossible to sing it as well as she...that being said, solid cover dude!

well done man

great cover. vocals were indeed a little high at points, but it was still good overall. keep it up

DJ Bossler

Great Job!!!

Love the vocals and the piano, truly a well done cover, my roommate and I sang right along with the song!!!

Too high

Ugh, the instrumental part was great but I thought the vocals were a bit too high to sound good.

Jazza responds:

yeah i know, and that's AFTER i lowered it 3 semitones. the original is suited to a very high ranged girl. oh well hehe :P