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Reviews for "Two Girls One Cup"


You know I think this is the first time Badger actually smiled. But anyway, yeah that was just... Swell. Yes that's right swell. You got a problem with that?


ok yea this parody was a lil but funny but kmon!!?!?

i want 1 minute of my life back okay!?

meh okay but way too short

it was really short and not really that funny. i give it a 4/10 2/5 sorry

Just two? Wish there's more.

Even though there's only 2 flash movies to select it's still pretty good. Would be cool if you made more than just two like six or eight.

But I did saw the 2girls1cup movie clip. It made me go "WTF".

This collab is awesome

Seriously, there is no better flash out there.