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Reviews for "Call of the Godzilla-like dude"


Okay seriously.
What the fuck? Just WHAT THE FUCK?!
How in Odin's name can a mortal pull out such a brutal track in less then 72 hours? Do you have a storage of epic metal game sountracks or something? Do you consult swedish metal band slaves to write them for you? Does Odin himself grant you the power to do this?
Absolute Overkill soundtrack, it's good for you.

Schleif responds:

gahaha, about a day's work. but yeah, odin and i go way back. and sure, my slaves do their part as well haha. thanks for the review man, glad you dig!

Fuckin hell, awesome.

I'm going to go have to play this game. You have a real knack for VG style stuffings, bro. Dig it a lot.

Current Score

4.14 / 5.00 (+ 0.13)

Schleif responds:

guess that's a pro of being a gamer, haha. thanks a lot bro, keep rocking \m/