Reviews for "Skullhead Ep11 : The Bat"

Great Skit

Character invovment and communication was relayed well. Graphics and flash smooth and sharp.

Spiderman / Van Helsing

Well, that's an interesting crossover, as far as contemporary movies go. What I think is the best part of this would be the way that Skullhead screams like a girl when he gets 'skullfucked' by the bat.

Of course, all the jokes about baseball bats were present as well, when Spider came across and temporarily saved the day. He's such a hero, despite getting an amazing amount of shit from Skullhead.

A shame that the bunnies didn't do much this episode, but we can always see more of them next time around, I'm sure. I'm beginning to wonder where Skullhead gets all of the things inside his toybox, as he's developed quite a collection of goodies.

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wow hah hilarious

even though

even though i nvr watched the other shows this was actually good could be a

shorties on tv maybe. keep up the good work

made me rofl

That was great! I love how simple it is...keep it up!