Reviews for "Skullhead Ep11 : The Bat"

Awesome work

Great stuff, as always. Looking forward to the next installment. Hope all goes well for you with that stuff happening in real life.


i liked it but you should have made Mr.Spider hold up some garlic instead of a cross because even in one of the Dracula movies Dracula makes a cross burst into flames.

i really liked the style

i really liked the style of this and how it is setup. great job.

Good humor

The humor was good, I didn't expect nothing less, was almost like watching a real cartoon of TV.


Nice, but a bit flawed

The humor was great and the music fits perfectly. This could be a kids show on tv!
The big downside was obviously the sound-effects. They could have been a lot better. The animation was too simple at times, lots of tweening, which isn't a bad thing, but it didn't look too good. Some good fbf animation, like the bat changing into the vampire could make this movie. But don't let my critisism get to you, it was an entertaining movie with funny characters!

Keep it up,