Reviews for "Skullhead Ep11 : The Bat"

very nice.

you do well maintaining your idea, wile others would have butchered it by now.


You have made it big. Your character is now a well known character on newgrounds, your animation is front page material and you have your own collection just for Skullhead. You sir, have won the internet.


I liked it, as I did all the others. Great style. I really enjoy what you're doing here and wish you luck with finding a new job. I'm sure firms will be fighting over you if you're as good at your job as you are at flash animation
(or if flash animation IS your job, for that matter).

P.S. Skullhead is way too hard on that tarantula =P.

kirkslater responds:

Thanks for your well wishes dude :D


beautiful and funny too.
I 'l this series, and hope there will be a new episode soon.
keep going this way

Cool Series

I must say, I really like the series so far. It has some pretty funny slapstick humour, nice visuals, as well as a catchy theme song.