Reviews for "SJ - Crossfire"


That gets your heart racing. I enjoyed it so please continue your work.

Sounds like P.N.03!

This would be PERFECT for P.N.03 for the Gamecube!
Ever played it? The plot sucks, but the gameplay is addicting! And so is the music!


I hate you man

Why don't you finish your songs already?
You can sell you songs, get famous, I could guarantee you that.
I'd always prefer your music over any other commercial shit out there.

SteakJohnson responds:

ah id love to reap the benefits lol but im not satisfied w my stuff yet. glad ya like it though, drums are way too splashy and the bassline is muddy as heck

... not done

well finish it already!

5/5 9/10 nice!


SteakJohnson responds:

ah god way too much sub basss lol, thanks dude

nice fills

would love some continuous fills though that you can just listen to all day long though

SteakJohnson responds:

yeah lol the fills are really the only decent part of this one