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Reviews for "Knight Tactics"

Good start, but needs work

I may try this again later, but 15 turns in I still couldn't beat the first mission because the enemy alchemist fled the bottom of the map somehow. Another problem was that even with using the hide tile button it was still impossible to select a few spaces. You have a solid start though, you could the potential for a very good game here.

That's funny

I JUST goot done playing FF tactics and decided to take a look on this site and then i found this...that's funny! it's the SAME thing! nice!

Pretty good

but when I stopped Playing it I closed down the game and when i came back, my game wasnt there is it me or does the Save System not work?
this is a little like FFT but much better. Too bad I couldnt finish FFT Advance.

Blame yourself or blame God

I've got a soft spot for the good old tile based strategy games. FFT is one of my favorite games from back in the day. But this was missing some things that made that great. Graphics were pretty good, but game play was a bit stilted, and that music was damn annoying after a while. Other, loved the concept, keep it up.

Final Fantasy Tactics: Downgrade

Okay, I'd like to start by pointing out that there is a fine line between using an idea as inspiration and taking that idea and making an inferior copy of it. Final Fantasy Tactics was a phenominal game. One of my favorites. As a result, I like this game as well. However, when taking into consideration that this game was created by essentially stealing squaresoft (square enix these days)'s intellectual property, I begin to not like it as much. For a flash game, it explores an interesting new direction, but I can't ignore the blatant bastardization of FFT plot.
In future incarnations of the game, I recommend first and foremost that you MAKE UP YOUR OWN STORY OR GIVE THE INVENTORS OF THE STORY YOU ARE USING CREDIT FOR THEIR WORK. Make it a Starwars game or even a Harry Potter, or if you like the setting as much as I do, make it about Ramza's descendants or even King Arthur or something. And please, put in some decent dialouge or just use cutscenes or little on-sceen narrative loading pages. I don't want to hear some jumbled jibberish about a scene I'm already familiar with after having played through it several of the hundreds of hours of my life that have been spent with FFT.

Now, as for gameplay, you can begin by copying that aspect of Square's formula better, or maybe even changing some mistakes that they made. First off, a little more individuality in the characters would be nice. I'm not saying they all have to have names and backstories -- more that each would level and gain exp on his or her own. I also liked the idea of recruiting people used in FFT, and the idea of questlines that would yield special characters if followed correctly. It would also be nice to actually be able to change the job of the main character to one of the Dark Knight/Arc Knight (or in your completely unrelated world "noble") classes. Naturally, another peice of this individualization is that, much like final fantasy, certain levels in certain jobs would be required in order to access other, more advanced jobs.

In terms of combat mechanics, the addition of a wait-time for some abilities would make it a bit more interesting, and the ability to target squares not occupied by enemies would also be great. Too often I found myself in a situation where 3, even 4 characters were in a cross-shape, with nobody in the center, and resultantly I couldn't target them with my lancer's abilities. Secondly, the ranged attacks (especially archers) need some work, as does movement. This ultimately comes down to how your code interprets variations in the height of the terrain. What i mean is that an arrow can shoot right through a wall, and while i know in some situations the arrow really could be shot over a wall and into an enemy, you can't do it when both you and the target are 2 feet away from opposite sides of the wall. Third, I agree with whoever it was beneath me about characters being able to walk through each other. This, along with the disregard for height in determining where people can move (my characters had no problem jumping up cliffs 2-3 times their height) takes much away from the tactical aspects of the game. Lastly for gameplay, please make a way to undo an accidental action. Not a full turn, mind you, just movement, or at least the ability to back out of a premature "wait".

Finally, it would be nice to see some summoners or beast classes in the game. It would also be nice to have equipment, stats, leveling, (on an individual basis) and levels of skill in professions. As I mentioned earlier, special professions ("nobles" or maybe an all-magic type) would also be a cool bonus. A few more zodiac-style bosses would also be cool.

In short, borrow more of Square's gameplay and less of their story -- but be more thorough in both next time around. Nice game, but you should give credit where it is deserved.

lautan responds:

Squre enix based fft heavily off of tactics ogre. So I guess fft should give credit to tactics ogre. About the movement thing, its more complicated than you think. I'll try to add it though.