Reviews for "Knight Tactics"

dear god kid

that was addicting, i have bought every class and skill for that class.....and i still play the damn thing, i have somewhere around 70000 points to spend. i have no life. if you make this game look better, play better, more detail/work/whatever, you could have an epidimic on your hands.... loved the idea of buying and purchasing skills for class and the freedom to switch out what you want. unlike games like tactics arena where your given a certian number of pieces to play and use. more freedom to come up with your own strategy of how you want to play. good job, keep it up.

Pretty much "Tactics Arena Online"

Just a bit more confusing and choppier.
At least this was actually finished and not some demo.

other guyz

How the hell you select other guyz?

its ok

its a cheap rip off of final fantasy tactics from ps1 but its still good

What I want to see.

I'd like to see some different classes

stealth users (low odds of being discovered until after they attack, but they're weak. Their attack when concealed is huge)
red mages (direct damage)
green mages (+atk/+def for target allies)
blue mages (countering attacks)
white mages (shielding)
black mages (-atk/-def for target enemies)