Reviews for "Knight Tactics"

Fantastic game, one suggestion

Its a great game, really.im on the first level and im already in love with the graphics and style, the one thing i would suggest is to make the map movable by A,S,D,E instead of or as well as the arrow keys because you have one hand on the mouse and one hand on the arrow keys and it is an inconvient place to put your left hand. just a suggestion, perhaps for the 2nd game, which i look foward to :)


just like FFT :D

really good

its a great game but for some reson my game wont load to 1.8 it stays at version 1.7
can anyone help me?

lautan responds:

The newgrounds admins have to check my game before they can upload it. It should be up sometime today.

Rarely good

I played a game like this before the last squire i killed froze in the first lvl i tried to hit the achelmist but I can't. I'll give it a five.

Reminded me alot like final fantasy tactics

Im guessing your obsessed with that game too eh ?

Well a great game deserves first page. Add more classes