Reviews for "Knight Tactics"


I kinda liked this game. But it was waaay too slow, and they can walk through you, and I couldn't undo:(, basicly everything Tsukari-Yoshi said, kinda boring, and I found a bug I think, even if you beat a level the next level will be unlocked...


Dam must have been hard to program all of this. Maybe you chould make a "block" function, and a skip function (so you dont have to go through all the steps) This game is the best tatic game ive seen so far.

I agree

I'm sorry, I have to agree with cynic. This game is, well, boring. It's slow as hell, the selection is iffy at best (Why can't I undo a move, as in the game you "borrowed" so heavily from, FFT?) Multiple times I found myself facing my units the wrong way or moving to the wrong square because of the wonky selection issues. The game is SLOW, too. Everyone just moves so slowly. And if you're going to bill this as Tactics, at the very least prevent characters from moving through tiles occupied by the opposing team. Half of the strategy in these types of games is denying your enemy access to areas, but if they can walk right through me unhindered, where's the depth? I'm sorry, but this game was boring, which is sad considering what you were "inspired" by. Either come up with your own ideas for a boring game or do better with this classic.

lautan responds:

The selection is fine, your the only one that has had a problem. About the slow movement if you knew anything about path finding you would know why the movement is so slow. I have many ideas for very innovation games. Oh and the only classic tactical-rpg is tactics ogre.


i must give this a ten for resurecting some gameplay of one of my favorite games ever final fantasy tactics, some ideas for your new KT2 would be more jobs and easier point making. and another thing would to add a level system so your attacks will get stronger as you advance. and adding a cheat thing would be cool
so i really enjoy this game and I found a glitch in the game, whne you go to story mode hit q and it will unlock the next 2 levels. doto listen to the guy b4 me he just cant seem to enjoy this game.


You essentially ripped off your abilities, classes, artistic style, and game engine from Final Fantasy Tactics--arguably the greatest SRPG ever made--and you still managed to make something that wasn't fun. The controls are incredibly awkward--games like these were not really designed to be played with a mouse, and the fact that many tiles are obscured by elements of the foreground makes things hard to see. The fact that enemies can walk through your units pretty much destroys any strategic gameplay, because defensive formations don't work.

If you're going to "be inspired" by a classic game, at least try to make something of quality.

lautan responds:

I didn't steal anything. All clases/abilities are different, of course how can anyone make a medieval trpg without 'stealing' ideas from an other game, which has thought of everything. I drew everything myself, so drawing people and isometric boxes counts as copying fft? The game engine is incredibly basic, move, attack/ability, wait.

Hey i'll like to see you make anything even close to the quality of mine. You have no idea how games are created.