Reviews for "Knight Tactics"

not bad

but could be improved.

I'm not sure if it's just the way I'm playing, but it appears that height gives no advantage. Damage is the same, regardless of how high you are. Climbing up/down things should take more "steps" than otherwise, so for example, climbing up a block should be the same as taking two steps on level land. People walking through you is just a no-no. It's not realistic, and takes strategy out of the game.

Also, the pointer is just way off. In order to walk onto a step, I have to point my mouse way off to the right of it. On a less important note, I'd like to see a larger window.....The font you use is tiny, and reading the font for abilities is impossible.......larger windows + larger font is the way to go.

All in all, I'd like to see more tactics in the game, but you get props for what you have so far. Improve, please!

Final Fant... I mean, Knight Tactics, cool.

Good job, 0 for originality, but awesome anyway. One thing that really bothered me was that the enemy could move right through your characters, and vice versa. What's up with that, I mean, I've got a guy surrounded and he just walks right through one of my guys and attacks him from behind. Good game play though, very smooth.

Good game just needs a bit of improvement

This was apretty awesome game.Being able to buy abilitys and create your own maps was pretty cool.I've just had a few problems.You said it was an tactical rpg but there aren't any leveling up things.The editor doesn't have enough tiles if you ask me and there just wasn't enough story.Most of the levels just had some guys says "damn the kings guards!Lets get them(or)lets get outta here!".Besides those 3 things it was a pretty awesome game.


Everyone good. expect music and saved file ( i can't SAVE) =(

Fairly good

You did a fairly good job with this type of game. As for suggestions here are a few.

1: Please include some way that I can keep enemies from just walking through to behind my characters. Perhaps have it so that no one can walk through a square with someone else in it, and maybe have a special ability to block squares around you.

2: I know pathfinding takes a while, but that does not mean that the animation of walking has to be slow as well, Could you have the computer calculate the path and then have a faster walking animation, after finding has been completed.

3: Either more, or customizable classes would also be awesome.