Reviews for "Knight Tactics"

this is just like

final fatasy tactics

Ok Tips

alright listen first of all it would make it better if the scenary sorta matched what they were wearing like if they were wearing rags they scenery is woods also make a background don't let it seem like they floating in space on a block of nothing and last but not least give them better texture they look like plastic

pretty good but...

it needs some creatures and monsters it would be funner and need to make hight an advantage

Not bad

What I found was that if you beat a previous mission, it would unlock the next mission that you had to do. It was pretty good for your first game.


Using abilities more effectively,

1. select an ability
2. set target for that ability
3. select attack
4. set and attack the real target

This works well on abilities with effects, that have lower accuracy and/or power than a normal attack. This makes the Robber class the best of all (Speed steal + Atk steal).

Slow. A speed setting for the character movement would be nice. Might want to provide an option of skipping the battle animation as well.

Anyway, a nice ARPG game.