Reviews for "Knight Tactics"

Chill with the fft

ok as far as i can see this is still a game whether you take the ideas from fft or not it still takes some good effort to make a game

just because its not perfect or near the level of design as fft doesn't make it not a good game ... Sony makes makes money in a year than most people will in a lifetime so i would hope they have the staff to make a game better than 1 directed by a single flash artist

good game in all just movement of the game needs to be sped up it seems to take a while to do anything and a cancel option for everything would be nice that way when i hit wait accidentaly i dont have to waste a move

Game, meh, boring, but not bad.

However, you have lied, bold faced, and an obvious lie. Tactics is fine, you did a decent job at recreating it for your first game. so that would normally warrnt... a 7.

But you lied, and thats not acceptable as an author. You need to give credit where credit is due, and when you lie, it makes you look bad, worse than a bad game. You need to be truthful, people will respect oyu more, and be more constructive, you will improve more from that. But you are dirt, you are a piece of crap and a cant abide that.

read other reviews for why i say your lying, they have it all there.

With a few tweaks, it'll be perfect

Graphics: Good, The graphics were good, no complains there. You don't have to spend any more time to improve that.
Sounds: The music kinda gets annoying after a while. It just loops and loops and loops and it's not even that great.
Gameplay: Idea is good, but there are few minor things you should change:
First of all, too obstructive. Units can hide behind high tile placement, which makes it hard to click and see. Maybe you should keep the bottem (south) flat.
Second of all, the status bar, in the lower left corner. It also obstructs your view, you should make it so that the status bar shifts to another corner when your mouse hover over it.

And another thing is the ability to walk on unfriendly tile and pass them. This is kinda a pain and makes the 'backstabbing' a bit useless. Since all character can simply pass the enemy character and backstab them back. In Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, the unfriendly zones are unpassable. Maybe you could add flying units later that can pass enemy zones, but not like this.

3/5 and 7/10

There were lots of gltiches in this. The graphics were simple, and the colours were used effectivley. It fun for a bit but thenI got bored. So maybe next time work out the script better.

Nice FFT clone

Nice work, and well developed. I dont seem to get an advantage from back attacks tough.

To the moronic "cleaning agent" before me, this is a FFT clone, not just a tactics game. If you ever played FFT the first scene is exactly like this games, even the jobs are kinda the same.