Reviews for "Knight Tactics"

this reminds me of...

Final fantasy tactics0.0

Very good!


2d confusion

could be great if you made it look like a gameboy game kinda more 2d-ish

Class Diffreneces

I thni kthat each class was different and teh stronger classes costed more to unlock. However once u did unlock them as well as the skills the class which is the weaker version of them was disgarded useless. For instance teh healer was good but teh drummer was able to provide ressurection, healing, AND in addition he has no worry of mp, he even can restore mp, as well as attack, and speed. this made teh healer useless. teh alchemist was a good choice and i kept it throught the whoel game but the mp worry of the sorcerer and teh healer made me want to stay away from using them until the later levles where i got teh drummer and can heal them of mp as well as my alchemist. In truth mp was never even used except for the sorcerer and mage adn that made all teh otehr classes favorable. Once mroe the spearman was a LOT better then the knight. It has ranged attack, does twice as much damage and can instakill teh sorcerer with thrust (while had no mp cost so palyers simply spamed it) teh enemies never used any stratagy either. tehy jsut charge and attack. tehy don't even do any battle techniques liek all on 1. or divid and conquer. there was also the annoying glitch when the enemeis walk off teh stage and u gota restart. i found teh classes very unbalanced in classes yet teh gaem was very fun and enjoyable despite the glitches and unbalanced classes 3.5/5

Amazing display of tactic knowledge!

this is outstanding. you show you have all the skills of enemy AI, movement and different techniques like more of a chance to hit behind the enemy. Who cares if it seems like final fantasy tactics. you did not copy their code, you made something of your own techniques to create a tactics game. I believe that with some cooperation we could make a fantasy game like this that would blow the rest out of the water... check your email! - Peace