Reviews for "Knight Tactics"

good but not addicting

its its right in the middle! witch reminds me of a game ive been searching for thats alot like it expect it takes place in the morden day or slightly back in the very late1900`s does anybody know what im talking about? well any way its a good game but i never get to the third level without going to another thing.

Fun but...

This game is quite fun but need a lot of improvement. Anyway, I trust you'll improve a lot and make awesome games in the future.

Here are some things to work on:

1. The move glitch: pressing A to move infinite times.
2. Unlocking levels: you can beat level one multiple times and unlock all the other levels.
3. The tiles: it can be hard to select a tile, especially when it's a high one.


addicting and i have an idea why dont you make a army game like kinda like ummmm like 5 peaple in one group you control like 6 groups well you get the idea kinda

not to good

it does remind me of final fantasy tactics but it doesnt have tat much good graphics when i clicked wait by accident i should have been able to go back there should be a button tat said go back there should be different swords and stuff if u put better graphics more swords and other stuff in my reveiw it would make the game improve.

glitch found!

ok before i get to the glitch let m,e explain my rating. this game was all right but just too poor graphics, too poor gameplay and gets really boring really fast. plus u should do somethiogn alon gthis lines except better and instead of replacing units u should have them level up:) anywasy the glitch. if u move ur unit, then u press A then u can keep moving just keep pressing A. using this glitch u can move aroudn the whole map 7 times and more.