Reviews for "Knight Tactics"


When the last enemy dies of poison, the battle does end. But still pretty good.

A good game

A great cool game! Doh I wished that the level editor hadmore options. the gameplay was great and the types of enemys were balanced!


Ya the same thing happend to me VincentWulfe The game just sortof froze and keep saying fire 3 or fire so thats why i gave it a 9 out of ten because i cant go past that level.


good game, but every time i try level 12 it says "fire 3" and then freezes. i tried restarting the level, but it did the same thing. I have a good file and don't wanna quit...........

lautan responds:

Don't worry, the new version should be uploaded soon, it allows you to skip levels by pressing Q.

Good game

Lol its a very good game, it reminds me from my Final Fantasy Tactics, and dont be lazy, put a principal character and secondary quests and citys to buy things and explore.
But also a very good game, congrats.