Reviews for "The Horseman Show"

wow that was awesome!!!

i have been waiting for a new greasy moose cartoon, and here it is. so this was the reason you were talking about the captian manlove colors, thing.

the fight was short but epic. the humor was amazing as always. and the artwork...Phenominal!!!

you are in my mind one of the best on Newgrounds without a doubt.

BTW: i recently saw the other two horseman cartoons and thought they were funny as well but this one tops them. 5/5 definatly

kick ass.

smooth animation rules all.

I don't remember a Mr. Horse. Huh.

Horseman: he's like some kinda sexed-up Spaceghost furry.
Mmmm, Spaceghost.

Uhhh O_o

Did i just divide by 0 while watching this


It doesn't make any sense like it never does! Love it you should keep making cartoons till your on your deathbed unless you don't feel like it, then you can just do what every other worn out artist, (besides Betty white) has done. Retire... to the next episode of House On Demand.