Reviews for "The Horseman Show"


it had a few jokes . the graphics were ... good but it was the subject was really really gay(children grabbing captain ... that guy in his underwear's leg.


not so funny but very good drawn. i like your style and da horse is some bad madafucking caracter. work out on story!graphics is 10/10

Superb art!

I really want a captain manlove t-shirt.
Make one and i'll buy it.
And thats the bottom line, cos stone cold said so.

Manlove is ghey

I don't see that this cartoon was that brilliant outside of graphical grandeur, sounds salvation provided, and the concept was good, wait... this then is not a bad movie. But somehow, nothing screams out funny at me, at need a good funny rollocking to get a flash working for me, or it needs to follow a great plotline, which this didn't.