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Reviews for "The Horseman Show"

XD lol

~~==My Review on this==~~
Hahahaha! What a strange and funny tv show. I was entertained very so!
I hope you plan to make a series out of this, if not done already.

~~==Any Improvements==~~
It was a bit quite and short. Apart from that, i see nothing wrong with this flash.
The animation was good.

Very funny. I enjoyed the singing at the end. It was a scream of hilarity.

= 08/10 4.00/5.00 = :D kicking!
~(\Shadow Dinosaur/)~ {Cloushi}
((Ultimate Dinosaur of the Shadows)


i LOLed


not so funny but very good drawn. i like your style and da horse is some bad madafucking caracter. work out on story!graphics is 10/10

Superb art!

I really want a captain manlove t-shirt.
Make one and i'll buy it.
And thats the bottom line, cos stone cold said so.

Much better than BoJack Horseman