Reviews for "The Horseman Show"

The coolest thing involving a horse and a gay man

The art was top-notch and sharp, and the mouth animation was awesome, which pretty much sold the show for me. All your stuff is effortlessly funny, too, so that helps. I want this on an epic scale, sir. I want a big cartoon with what was showcased here. Awesome stuff.

Haha, well done.

The visuals were quite now. Very well animated with some great frame by frame work. The humor was quite... odd, but filled with laughs. Very nice voice acting too.

Good job.

Good job!

Again very good visuals and artwork. The animation is done seamingly perfect and the plot is.. well... just plain weird. But thats what i like about greasy moose animations... theyr plain weird. Cant wait for more:=)


what was with the laser beams?