Reviews for "The Horseman Show"

wow that was awesome!!!

i have been waiting for a new greasy moose cartoon, and here it is. so this was the reason you were talking about the captian manlove colors, thing.

the fight was short but epic. the humor was amazing as always. and the artwork...Phenominal!!!

you are in my mind one of the best on Newgrounds without a doubt.

BTW: i recently saw the other two horseman cartoons and thought they were funny as well but this one tops them. 5/5 definatly

H-H-Horseman!? :D

Do my delighted eyes deceive me? A fucking awsome Horseman flash still under judgement and I get to one of the lucky SOBs to vote on? Yay! 5

It's nice to see you submit a new Horseman flash, this one is quite funny, and it really shows off your great animation skills. Great job.


it had a few jokes . the graphics were ... good but it was the subject was really really gay(children grabbing captain ... that guy in his underwear's leg.


This is pure gold!