Reviews for "The Horseman Show"


I know you going to hate me for this but, this movie reminds of space ghost show.


Your the reason why I come to newgrounds...to vote yes on Proposition 426933...that and review your flashes. It's great to hear your off the talk show fetish. Hope your next episode becomes steller....also start a studio....the waiting is the hardest part.

Good job!

Again very good visuals and artwork. The animation is done seamingly perfect and the plot is.. well... just plain weird. But thats what i like about greasy moose animations... theyr plain weird. Cant wait for more:=)

Haha, well done.

The visuals were quite now. Very well animated with some great frame by frame work. The humor was quite... odd, but filled with laughs. Very nice voice acting too.

Good job.


Nothing from greasy moose has yet to dissapoint. Kudos, you do fabulous work.