Reviews for "Newgrounds Information"


great interactive... o and 5th secret: go 2 the last page of the how many pts do i need 2 get these ranks, move the generals icon & clik in its place

i liked it but.....

the link in the silver whistle thing doesnt work

Phil responds:

Oh yes I'll fix it in my next update

First of all

to the guy below me: that was merely a parody, in fact, i didnt learn much from it. He didnt show the old stuff and new, he didnt provide good descriptions. that was a joke.
now this is something worth looking at. i really enjoed looking at the oldskool ng stuff alot. this is great.

man, what did you do to deserve that?

I happened to like it, although the links aren't working, do you think you could fix that? other than that it was a good source of compact info. you did well.

Phil responds:

Buttons Fixed

5/5 and 9/10

I wouldn't find this helpful if I just joined the site, but I like this becasue I like to know about NG, but most of this stuff I already knew. I like the secrets and that you can't tab most of them. I found that on the old NG levels pages there are two buttons which don't do anything.

Phil responds:

Which ones?
P.M Please