Reviews for "Newgrounds Information"


this was really usefull thing

gems WTF?

i have never seen gems on NG and i have bin here like a year !!

Phil responds:

Great, you should have though =O

Great work

Accurate in description and if there's a bug hope you can clean it our. Keep up the good work.

Phil responds:

Yeah... I can't find any more bugs :D


I dont recall the gem feature anywhere
if you could link me to something actually showing this gem feature, i would highly appriciate it.
Very good flash btw!

woot! this flash rocked balls

for pleasure of most newgrounders, there is a
1-in the awards page, it is in the bottom RIGHT corner.
2-in the levels page, old grounds light, tab around and you'll find it.
3-in new grounds neutral (current) drag the lvl 8 symbol off and click where it was.
4-in secret two, under "ng logos part 2"
5-in Blam/Protect ranks\how many pts do i need to get teh ranks yadda yadda yadda... move teh icon of teh general (last page, the golden tank near to the winged tank.)

thats all folks!! this, together to Newgrounds Levels, is my favourite flash with info bout NG (but intro us this is so much better...) KEPTEH GOOD WORK!!!


Phil responds:

Thanks a lot :)

But you forgot about secret 6.