Reviews for "Newgrounds Information"

Very informative!

I hope this gets an award and front page. If it doesn't, then it loses its whole purpose, which is to help new users and inform people of old Newgrounds.

Phil responds:

Thanks. (Daily 5th)


This Is Very Helpful!

Phil responds:

I'm glad that's how I intended it to be


This sort of thing as been submitted billions of times and if you're going to submit one yourself you should have a least put in unique stuff. All the stuff in this flash plus much more can be found on the FAQ page anyway. Also, the presentation needs work, the line design isn't working for me. You should set it out in the style of the NG webpage design.

Also, there is at least one mistake I've found. On the awards section you've stated that you can get the review crew pick award if there is a bid differential between flash and review scores. This isn't true, you get review crew pick for having the highest review score of that week, simple as that.

Phil responds:

Oh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Done that now

Out of all of the things you could have done...

why the hell would you make one of these? there are enough to fill the grand canyon, and of those there are better. The frequent misspelling, the " Uhh, I don't know what else to put here" filler, and downright FACTUAL ERRORS makes this awful. Not to mention that damn song is so overused.


nice, but you fucked up the rcp award. RCP = best reviewed flash of the week (flash with the highest review score).

It might also help to say that you need at least 30 reviews to win the Underdog or the RCP award.