Reviews for "Beat The Stimpy"

it wuz gay

has anyone told you that THIS SUBMISSION SHOULD BE BLAMMED IF U VOTE A HIGH NUMBER AND LIKE THIS U R A FAGGOT. but u should make a nother game in the jonny rocketfinger series

Impressive? No.

It's dull, boring, and it repeats itself in circles over and over... and over again. The drawings were not good either; add color to them. Maybe you could control Ren or something, because this hardly qualifies as a game.


very very boreing whats the point????

Good stress relief...

Even though it doesn't have an actual "ending", it is a rather fun little stress-breaker. I think I'll keep this in my faves just to abuse the cat every so often after a bad day at work. Thanks! ;-) P.S. - It'd be great if you made another one that actually ends - perhaps his head can explode or some such. Just a thought.

yeah yeah

Wheres the end at man?