Reviews for "Beat The Stimpy"

Not A Good Game To Play

Well I have seen the other reviews but I agree with the others the game is just to scenes where Ren slaps Stimpy around over and over not much of a game no interactivity as such all u have to do is click on the words that is it

SERIOUSLY Not A Good Game to Play

the animation could have been a hell load better!

next time u try make a game like this make sure u can choose wat ure actualy going to do, rather than just slap 'em round the face.

rrrr wat?

dude it says extreme violence and i was wondering uhhhmmmm wheres te violence!????!!?!!?!?!?!?!!111

Not very good

It was ok but after the third time it just repeates itself.

wasnt that good

I liked the whole idea, but it was a pity that it looped. If you made it longer i whould have appreciated it more.