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Reviews for "ButtonHunt 2"


i have to give it 2 stars cos how the fuck does the second level work


This game is unique because it gets your brain working, unlike most games and this is one on the reasons i love this series. Lots of thinking and strategy involved. PS: It kills the game if you cheat and click anywhere randomly, So I advise you not to do this at it ruins the game and will make it seem like any other game. If you win the game you unlock some great jokes so that makes it all the more worth while. =P Awsome stuff, Keep it up!

love it

i play the buttonhunt games so much i like number three the best though but this 1 is great 2 and, i also play each of them once every day


can't wait to start the next one!

I have beaten the all!

Hoorah! Wow, what a great series this was! The final boss encounter was very difficult but a great way to end the series! Great job, and please continue the series! I know you said it was over, but I pray you make more. Thanks again!