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Reviews for "ButtonHunt 2"


whats the butten in lvl 1?

i mean where?

Level 30=easy

Just right click to get past the boulder

Fun Game, Bad music.

Really Fun game. Just, the music is annoying. REALLY annoying. I went to go to the jokes and I couldn't finish them, the music was driving me nuts! lol I'd give it a 9 if you had an option to turn off the music, but otherwise its Really good game, and an addictive one too.

One of the buttons dont work

On the soda level which is i think 3 levels after the boss when i put the quarters in and push the button It doesnt work!!

Another good game!

I don't think you're racial. THIS is racial:
Two naked Jews walk into a bar. One Jew says to the other, "Hey! Did you here the one about us?"
Still, very addicting!