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Reviews for "ButtonHunt 2"

That was really bad

I stuck at level two, and no I'am not stupid or dumb. I couldn find the button, it's just too hard. i clicked everywhere, maybe some sort of glitch, and I'am not a fan of these puzzle games, Dont like it.Also the sound was annoying on the tv, I know i could switch it off, but maybe the button was in/on the screen. Sorry it's bad.

How Do You Get Past...

The Part With The Key And The Safe

This Is A Nice Game, Real Interactive 10/10

great job :D

i loved it :D it was pretty challenging for a stupid person like me. the toughest ones are the temple one and the cherry packet thing. overall fantastic :D please do make the third one... (and i think your graphics are nicer this time round :D)


was a great game, still can't get past the level in the temple church thing with the person in front, and to those people who can't get past level 2 click the down arrow on the remote not the red button then click the screen


Completed the game in 00:06:01:18