Reviews for "Still Alive - Portal"

Is the greatest!

WOOO PORTAL BEST PUZZLE GAME EVER!!!!!!!! Great video. The song is one of my favorite song and from the 'every peice in a pile' part I see you beat the game yourself! Yeah, portal's awesome all right. For anyone that doesn't arleady have it, click the link at the end of the song to get this awesome game. Tottally tottally awesome!!


I had portal and I remember this song at the end and this is sooooooo funny!!!


nice one, i love that song. companion cube was awsome! too bad you have to kill him, glados likes him you no.
and btw if you cant play portal then play the flash version, its almost as good!

Thats fucking cute...

I gotta admit I loved it.

While your dieing, I'll be, still alive.