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Reviews for "Fuck Off Santa"

Okay, seriously, what the fuck?

Seriously, that was completely uncalled for. Some people still actually believe in Santa (which i don't), and if they saw this, they would either give it a bad rating and review, or they'd come after you with a poisoned machete, chaingun, and lethal injections, as well as some LSD first to make it even worse. Seriously, just think before you submit. I'm pretty sure the singer of the song was on drugs when singing this as well, and i pretty much understand the importance of your christmas animations on time, but next christmas, make it not against santa, please. Otherwise aforementioned events may occur, and i really don't want this to happen. but strangely, the song was rather catchy.


i bet you that the lyrics to the song were written by a scotsman!

infact make it a glaswegan! ;D)

the animation was great, the lip syinc was a bit off at some points but still great, and the music, oh god the music was absouloutely damn great!

"father christmas is a queer!"

I'm soo addicted to this...

This song is awesome, and I love the animation. For a while, I actually thought it was hand-drawn. Some of the artwork is kinda crude, though... but hey. The song is great, too. But, the constant sodomy wasn't really that necessary. Oh, also, is there any way to get the lyrics?

Santa is a queer!!!!!!

Pretty funny man, but only 8 stars because there were too many repeated scenes that were not needed.

overall, good.

and yes he is a dick.


I could watch this all day...infact i probablly have watched it most of the day:P. Not sure I agree totally with it at all, but hey well animated catchy song and fun as heck. MORE MORE MORE I WANT MORE 11/10 and yes i mean 11/10!!!