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Reviews for "[Russian Privjet Dubstep]*"

Amazing. Needs:

-faster beat
-cleaner more unpredictable/ noticeable bass
Besides that its sick. and it even kinda loops!

Solkrieg responds:

Thanks! I am thinking about redoing this one :P. It used to be my most popular track.

Love the tune.

My only issue was with the distortion. Kinda makes the sound you would attribute to film-grain. 9, just because it can be a little better.

Solkrieg responds:

Yeah, I made this a long time ago, I am thinking about revamping it.

Very good

kinda slow but thats just my preference. after privier to russia(forgive my not being russian lol) you could have added a little more wobble...nice fade out

Solkrieg responds:

Thanks for sharing! After listening, I believe I could've added more wobbles as well :P.

haven't heard the original

but this sounds pretty ill :)

Solkrieg responds:

So it deserves a failing grade?

top lel