Reviews for "The Evil News"


I'm not sure what I like better about Hell.. no hairy backs or interchangeable genitalia. What I do know is that this was brilliant.. both in planning and execution. The lipsyncing was perfect, the expressions were classic the voices were just awesome.. Technically speaking the animation was excellent and the sound was clear which we find so rarely these days on the portal. Great submission.. I'm off to watch the rest of your stuff. : ) Keep up the good work.


Yeah we are all going to die some day!!!! The whole world is evil!!!! Wake UP everybody!!! There is nothing you can do about it when your number is up. I kind of liked it.


This, Is the Best, Flash, EVER!!!!!!!


That was freakin awesome. So true, so true..


Seriously man, the Grim Reaper is your primo character, hilarious way to get a wicked point across! Quit 'yer worryin!