Reviews for "The Evil News"


I loved those posters behind the senator!


This is fucking hillarious just like all your other movies! This kicks ass!!!

Horribly, This Is Accurate

Upsettingly enough, this anim gives a reasonably accurate parody of actual TV news shows and the utter crap they churn out to scare us with. The hypocrasy, the flaming BS political insanity we are told is Patriotic to buy into.. And enough material to warrant sitting back from the keyboard to enjoy. Tie-in's with other Matzerath submissions to make it more fun to watch again after exploring the Loserville canon.


That is awexome. One o' da best. "Anthraxxxxx...." Loved that bit. BTW, WinktologyLabs, dingleberries aren't made of gold (unfortunately).


that was so funny! i love the grim reaper when you doing more??? keep up the good work!