Reviews for "The Evil News"

my ...

Most of the other SWFs you did were some real mindf*cks and teases but this one was EXCELLENT and very well played out !

I can't wait to die ! :D


News made interesting

Quality work you have there. I'm at a loss for words. (because I'm tired) Nice job.


That was great. It's an awesome twist on something so bland. Way to go!!


Since I can't really say anything that has not yet or will not be said, I will let my instincts guide my review...

I AM CANADIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

... Sorry 'bout that. Instinct. I'm also Italian. (Possibly distantly originating from Spain.)

Man I am offended by that

Don't you know that the goverment has their...I mean our best intentions in mind when they go conquor another country. Let us watch as they lead blindly to their deaths hundreds of our family and friends so we can help quell the "rising" Muslim threat in Iraq and "save" the people of that area, because we are just so damn kind to everyone in the world (just look at our history and you'll see that for yourself). C'mon I am positive that the U.S. Government wouldn't keep ANY hidden agenda from us. I mean look at those 80 yr old farts who think they know what this country needs because they're rich, wouldn't you trust them with your life? I SURE as hell would. Plus they're Christian, so they sure wouldn't lie or cheat us. All Christians are trust worthy. I mean they believe in God right? That's good enough for me. Forget what their actions are, or what non-Christian things they do, like having sex outside of marriage, or lying under oath. As long as they believe in God, I'll follow the road they show me blindly...or ELSE. So you watch yourself mister, or I may actually have to think for myself. (Note: I am a Catholic, pretty faithful at that, so I'm not dogging Christians, I like the last guy have a sense of humor, but I know that there is a lot more to being a Christian than just believing in God. If I give up on my faith and on people, I'll just have myself go to the Floating Island of Mandango, where there is no jealousy or boredom, and everyone lives a life of wine-drinking and steaming hot sex, for eternity...something like the Muslim belief of 76 virgins, but with alcohol. I'm sold on that if it ever turns out I'm wrong with my faith)