Reviews for "The Evil News"


Seriously man, the Grim Reaper is your primo character, hilarious way to get a wicked point across! Quit 'yer worryin!


That is awexome. One o' da best. "Anthraxxxxx...." Loved that bit. BTW, WinktologyLabs, dingleberries aren't made of gold (unfortunately).

The Reaper

I watched this because the reaper feb 04 made frontpage and i was going through your stuff...

You're right, he needs his own series. "Just think about this next time you're pulling a large dingleberry from your ass...do you really want to live forever?" That is gold!

Oh, that reaper fellow

I've never seen an animated character make more sense. I love the guy.
Grim Reaper for president


ahh yes, the news, prying into peoples lives and giving us lies. nice interpretation of it. good artwork. i never caught what was written on the guys walls though before he covered them up with other pictures. grim reaper made alot of sence.