Reviews for "The Evil News"

Hey BoysenberryClock

Yup your GAY! Glad i could help you out the closet! Now go be a little GAY PERVERT! GO MY little peace of shit be free!

I loved the Grim Reaper part!

u may think im gay but im really just a pervert. i often find myself wondering: I wonder wut its like to be a girl. And wen the grim reaper said i could become one wen i die i wanna go shoot myself right now! hehe im gonna have boobs!


Your cartoons are better than the regular nightly news anytime. This message brought to you by Diet Popsi. It's clitoris rubbin' good. And paid for by the Order of the Broken Cross. Go home and die Christians!


omg that shit is soooo damn funny hahahahahaha

I want more news like this.

I love this cartoon. Gotta do more news...lmao.