Reviews for "The Evil News"

Where do you come up with this shit!?!

Absolutly amazing.

How evil is the new?

Good stab at Gary in the beginning... This was a friggin joyous stab at the media... The reaper makes a short appearance and once again, he comes off as a real gentleman and one hell of a professional... WATCH THIS OR DIE, and don't forget to laugh. Condit blows M. Jackson!

good idea

that was good, fer from those pointless flashes that u so often see. funny



Great graphics and animation.
Very funny! "Terror in the toilet" that was the funniest one XD
Lol that guy (sinister?) has a snot by his nose :D
Very cool movie!
Lol he said he's gonna kill him and he wanted to ask him another question XD

Can you say FOX NEWS

I love you man. Your Political Views closely resemble mine. Keep up the excellent work.