Reviews for "The Evil News"


Death don seem so bad, im gonna go kill myself if you don mind.


that was so funny! i love the grim reaper when you doing more??? keep up the good work!

Before I go to bed!

I must Admit that I spent 2 hours and a half watching your movies.
I must Admit that I enjoyed them all AND
I must Admit that I love what you brought in my life (laugh, only laugh. Don't get your head to big there...).

You surely can draw and you don't try to copy anyone, you have your own lovely style. The sound Is top-notch and the scenario are awesome.

I really wanted to write a long review, but it's almost 3h10 am here and I have this show to prepare tomorrow, so i'll get back to review your movies when I'll have time. You are definetly going in my favorite artist for you Humor. Hope I've been read.

thats how the news should be

i really dislike politicians. I gotta say that i love the line about electing rich assholes who wouldn't stop in the street to piss on you more or less help you with your problems. oh wow you are awesome!


Yeah! The news is crap! Crap, crap, crap!