Reviews for "The Evil News"


liked it

interchangable dongs

3 things:

1. Well informed = good
2. That news anchor has dignity and professional integrity. Unlike most real ones these days.
3. ITs funny until you realis how close to the truth it is.

We never give anyone a 10, what does that say about this animation?

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all your base are belong to us.

the truth is a scary concept

i love the sarcasm of this piece. this short has so many truths i'd have to watch it again just to get them all. bravo, dark humor does it again.

Evil, Evil!!

Wow that was the 'real' news :D
That kicked ass man, make more of this stuff, that Movie just r0xor yor b0x0rs :)

pretty good

I agree with Seawana- could be reworked alittle to be funnier- and I think it needds more movement other than just the images in the corner- it tends to get alittle static after awhile- but overall good effort and definitely keep at it