Reviews for "The Evil News"

Right on!!

This is by far one of the funniest things i've seen on this site. I agree with Matzerath, politicians SUCK ASS!! Keep 'em coming, man! Best of luck to you! By the way, I'm pretty involved in my faith, but unlike many of my fellow christians these days, I have a sense of humor.

the stuff by Matzerath is the best ever!

I have done many reviews for Matzerath, the concept of these short films is to find a humorous attatude about the conditions of hell.
Very good stuff. I beleive that the creator of these should never have any of the entries deleted
These films could promote this "Matzerath" into the nations next crazy comedian, I watch Chris Rock and all of those other people, but this guy is the best!!!!!!!!! KEEP THEM COMIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The guy who makes this is very good make more plz very funny all of them!


typical of matzerhath....to make some good satanic anarchist action!...I shall obey the voices....ALL HAIL GRAND PROPHET MATZERHATH....

I have a new fave NG character...

and that is the Grim Reaper. He is fucking awesome, as is this cartoon! Your easily on my fave authours list... keep up the good work lmao... I think i'm going to have to watch that again..