Reviews for "Zwingo"


its so frustrating when you try to hit the balls very hard and you miss, then your swingy thing goes all crazy while all the other black balls bump the center ball out of the circle all the time you could of just hit the first one and continue on with the game without having to miss every single try. ugh... oh well, guess that's the challenge, still very fun and addicting game.

addicting... so addicting...

Such a simple game,, but oh so very addicting.

Kick ASS

Love the game

Very nice game

awesome game with many levels and styles to play with..

tablet pc awesomeness

This game is AWESOME. Especially insanely fun on a tablet pc when you can control the ball with the stylus. SO GOOD! Not even like a computer game, it just becomes this strangely real game of skill. GREAT JOB!!!