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Reviews for "Zwingo"

Very Good

I really liked this game, Very good work.
Theres a bug when u move the Small white ball too fast.
it hits the black ball and rolls around it. BUT that dose not alter the black balls trajectory so it just looks weird.


a bit repetative but still pretty good.

how many levels are there?? got to level 32 & wouldnt be arsed 2 keep going.

p.s 1. Gaz88 50,568 OOHHHH YEAHHH!!!

Not bad

It was ok, but I got bored by the end of level 7. Not enough variety or challenge. Also it didnt seem to make much difference if the big ball in the middle got knocked out or not, I had the ball get knocked out twice but nothing happened and it eventually got knocked back in again. I think the objective of the game is a little unclear, even though i read the instructions.

Some variety such as different types of enemy (not just black balls, maybe diff colours which have different properties like magnetic, homing, wiggly lines, heat seeking etc :P).
If you took this down and spent a few more days on it to make it a bit more exciting/interesting, then you would have a decent game on your hands. At the moment tho its just not interesting enough to keep me playing for longer than 5 minutes.


This is really original and special. I get so much fun to play. It's hard a little bit, but we need challenge lol! thanks for it!

Very Good!

This game was very good and at the same time very enjoyable. I also liked how this game was unique because I have never seen a game that is like this! Good job.