Reviews for "Zwingo"

Great Game

Although the simple graphics may seem to bring the interest of this game down, they are countered with an entertaining, time consuming game that can be played for hours. The idea is simple: Keep the large white ball inside the circle, stop the enemy balls from hitting it out of the circle. I do suggest your try to make the game a little more compatible with laptops, as I would constantly overdue my swings. Who knows, maybe it was just me? 9/10 5/5.

press spacebar

on the first boss it will help you works good if you hold it


While the game was frustrating at times, it was incredibly addictive. If you do happen to make a Zwingo 2, more diverse upgrades would be a good idea, and maybe stages that aren't circular, so that swinging the ball around may become more difficult. ^ ^


fustruting but awesome
and hookerbot19 is an asshole


This game is great! It is a great time waster and is quite fun! The concept is pretty unique. I quite enjoyed the swinging of the ball, and the learning curve of how the movement worked and how to move it so it stabilized was very good. I almost lost a few times before i learned the basics, i always panicked when a ball hit until i learned sometimes its good to let a ball hit, to knock your ball back in place.