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Reviews for "Zwingo"

tis a good game

it is a good game but there is a glitch where one of the black balls will hit the big ball and the ball will keep on moving out the circle. very annoying.. but it is a good game! =p

Simple, yet challenging.

This is quite a game, though it can be difficult and annoying at times.

Simple...and amazing!

Such a simple concept for a game, which also ran very smoothly. I really enjoyed how simple it was at first, and then how hard it gradually became, which is obvious of course with most games, but with this I liked how short the levels were, the upgrades were awesome also. If there was going to be a second game like this made then there should be enemies with powers, and your "character" I guess you could call it could also upgrade with those powers. Awesome game, nice work!

cool :D

great game kept me amused for a while but the boss pwned my ass :P 5/5 maybe add alternate enimies, or time attack +survival mode ^^


i kinda like it...only problem is that when you try to bash the enemy too hard,your velocity will make you turn up over the enemy,making them get pushed towards the center...cool game though