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Reviews for "Zwingo"

It was entertaining despite my nasal drip. For this reason I give it 3.5*.

I guess the title is simply a variant of the word "swing". I wasn't that impressed by this at first. It just seemed like a game where you randomly hit black balls to get ahead. I was pleasantly surprised, however, to find out that it really was a very nicely done game. I get the most pleasure from when I'm able to have so much freedom to hit the black balls. I like the little ping noises they make.

In a game where there isn't a lot of detail, it's the minor stuff that makes it. I thought the music was decent and set the tone pretty well. It's great to see how something so simple can make you have so much fun. It's fun to watch the white ball as it flies around even if you can't control it well. A very nice game.

Im entertained

It makes me wanna continue playing and play again. very addicting.

pretty cool

the controls were a bit weird


You should make a ricochet bonus - making a black ball bounce into another, making the 2nd one go off the screen! make the bonus like an extra 75 exp or something for each consecutive bounce!

...anyway, good game!