Reviews for "Pirate Leg"

Nice one!

It seems you gave attention to small details too, like blinking, talking, and portraying character movement in "realistic cartoon style" :-). Humor was... in itself flat, but that didn't count, as the sounds, and animation part is quite strong. Keep up the good work. 4/5 from me.

it was pretty good

with aniamtion skills like that u hav potential and if u keep praacticing u could make some awesome-O/megasweet aniamtions

it was alright

it looks great, sounds great, but the humor seemed a little stale. Made me laugh though! good job.

Get a writer.

Sweet graphics, good voice acting. Your script just fell a little flat. I mean it was alright, and everything worked I just think you have more potential. Great work though. I hope to see more from you.

Nice looking

Not my style. Though when I think of your user name I picture a zombie at the amusement park jumping around for cotton candy.