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Reviews for "Chirpy HaHa"

Perfect Jingle

I love the Author comment on this; it fits the music perfectly. I could hear this on a commercial for sure.

to short

really. but unfortunatly i can not lower your rating based on how short a song is.
it made me happy and is a perfect happy tune.

but still....you should make this longer....


I was half expecting an epic dub drop in there somewhere

It's like a revamped Satan Playtime!

A nice little gimmicky tune. It fills my heart fill with complete satisfaction, love and happiness!... I'm still hungry, and I implore you to feed the animals with the sweet delicacy of your animations and music!

I know I posted a similar review here before, but I accidentally referenced this song with Lil' Buddy and not Satan Playtime, so... yeah.

ha. haha.

This made me smile. :)